Reseller FAQs

Do you submit the apps to itunes, etc.? What name would the submissions be found under?

We can handle the submission process for Apple and Android. The apps can be submitted under our company’s developer account or Your developer account. The cost for a developer account is $99 a year for Apple and $25 for Android

What is the benefit of a platform? I assume we could grow the app to more capabilities for next year, and so on?

We are constantly adding features to our app platform. We upgrade the CMS when needed and it applies to all apps. The monthly fee covers it.

The apps you’ll develop are for iPhone, iPad and Android, correct?

They are for the iPhone, iPod Touch, Android and can be viewed on iPad

How do we work together?

We start by signing a master service agreement and then simple project scope agreement for each new app we create for you. We get started once we receive payment. The monthly billing starts upon submission to the app stores.

What is needed to view your apps?

The app requires a mobile phone network or wifi connection in order to view content. However, once the content is viewed it is cached on the server so it makes viewings quicker

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